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New photos will be added in 2 days. Keep checking back!!

Brian "Boom Boom" Dixon & Bernie G.

Prince Buster & CEO of RSR, Bernie G.

Rivercidal Syndicate's scooter

The Debonaires recording "Criminals" @ Sound Tech Studios in Riverside, Ca. L-R Mike Presser, Ryan Tomazin, Mano Mirande

Mike & Ryan

Ryan & Mano

L-R, Chad Shaner, Jason Napayon, Kip Wirtzfeld, Woody Diaz, kicking it @ Sound Tech Studios

Prince Buster, Malik Moore, & Mark Quan kicking it in the Rivercidal van.

Prince Buster & Romy D & The Rhythm Doctors

Dave Sakover, The Debonaires originator.

Woody Diaz, drummer for The Debonaires

Everclear & Kip

Bernie G. & Horace Gentelman, bass player for The Specials

Bernie G. & Tina Weymouth, bass player for The Talking Heads

The Mad Professor, Bernie G., Dave Harris @ The Sierra Nevada Music Festival 2000.

Kip W. Belting it out with some SOUL!

Full Spectrum (Top L-R) Emannuel, Eitan, Fritz, Steve, Bobby (Bottom L-R) David, Chris

The Debonaires Live @ Jack's.

Ryan (Cornellius) Tomazin

L-R Dave Sakover, Kip wirtzfeld, Josh Jerge, Tom Cook & Chad Shaner

Mike Presser

Chris Murray & friends.

Chris Murray live @ The Ukaiah Brewing Co. in Northern California

Chris Murray with back up singers from Go Jimmy Go.

Jon drummer of Irie Beats (PSR V.1) cd release party. June 8, 2001

Chiquis and Noe of Irie Beats (PSR V.1) cd release party June 8, 2001

Malik & Robert of Irie Beats (PSR V.1) cd release party. June 8, 2001

The Skatalites @ The San Francisco Intenational Airport. L-R Cedric Brooks, Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, Will Clark, Doreen Shaffer, Lester Sterling, Bernie Garcia, Devon James, Lloyd Knibbs, Ken Stewart

L-R Cedric Brooks, Doreen Shaffer, Lloyd Brevett, Bernie Garcia, Will Clark, Ken Stewart, Lester Sterling, at a friends house in Santa Rosa.

L-R Ken Stewart, Devon James, a friend, Lloyd Knibbs, Bernie Garcia, Will Clark, Cedric Brooks, Lester Sterling. Bottom row- Johnny "Dizzy Moore", friend, Doreen Shaffer, Lloyd Brevett. Front row- friend