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The history of Rivercidal Syndicate Records
Rivercidal Syndicate Records, started back in 1995 by Bernie (aka Primo) Garcia. Pronounced (River- Cydal). This record label started out as a scooter club in Riverside California. Some of these riders were from different bands such as The Skeletones, The Debonaires, King Willy, Penguin Invasion, Mobtown, The Allentons, & Reggae Foundation. These were Vespa riding, drinking & smoking band members who loved to ride & party. From here the record label was formed following a favor from one of the riders. Primo, has recorded & produced over 10 bands since the start. And will continue to do so.

My interest in reggae came from when my parents took me out to a park to see a live band in 76'. I was about 8 years old & I was watching this band perform. I was noticing that the keyboard player/ singer was blind & was playing this song called "Master Blaster". That song stuck into my head & I fell in love with reggae. It was so different from all the other types of music. So from there I just listened to more reggae over the years. Then I got into 2 tone then Jamaican Ska, Rock Steady, Skinhead Reggae, & Dub. And now I record & produce it to follow the love of the music.

Rivercidal Syndicate Records (River- Cydal) was erected on Oct 13, 1995. From a scooter accident.
Born: Bernie G. Garcia 02-12-68.(aka Primo) Got into the scooter thing when I was 15 years old. Bought my first scooter (1974 150 Sprint) from a guy named JP from a scooter club called "Ace Club" in Riverside in 1983. Sold the bike & got a P200E from a old man because his son was commited to an institution. Made major changes to the bike.

On a Friday morning Oct 13th, 1995 I was on my P200E riding home from work. It was about 1:45 am & I was going about 60mph & noticing while I was driving that my back tire was swaying back & forth. I was just clearing a bridge when my back tire fell completely off my hub. I just barely made it across the bridge when I crashed off the side of the road where there was a 6 foot drop. The bike landed on top of me. I was out for maybe 40 minuets.

I guess I woke up & suceeded on lifting the bike off of me. With a sudden sharp pain I knew I had broken my leg. There was no one around & it was very dark & cold. My cuts & scrapes were extremely painful with the weather being the fall, wasn't helping. I finally managed to climb out to the road where I had to flag someone to help me. Some man in a jeep stopped to assist me. I was greatful, but never heard nor seen him again.

I came back the next day with my truck to pick up my wrecked scooter with a friend. I then proclaimed my new scooter club that day calling it River- Cidal. River because I just cleared the river from the bridge & Cidal, because it was almost suicide if my tire would had fallen off any sooner. My bike was restored & I had a bunch of friends from other bands who had scooters join my club.

Once the club was started, I was asked to help out a band from L.A. called The Dynamics. I soon became their producer & manager. I then was asked to help out a Riverside band to get to the top. That's when I produced & recorded & released The Debonaires debut album "Groovin' After Sundown".

I had just released a compilation featuring The Debonaires & other L.A. bands as well as Inland Empire & a San Diego band, called "Primo Sonic Rhythms Vol. 1". I plan on releasing "Primo Sonic Rhythms Vol.2" by winter. Also I will be releasing The Debonaires 2nd album called "Criminals" on my label before the end of this year.

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